1 And 2
  • CAT # FCD-24711-25

    1. Blues In The Bottle 3:25
    2. Give The Fiddler A Dram 2:30
    3. The Cuckoo 2:28
    4. Euphoria 1:30
    5. Long John 2:15
    6. Sugar In The Gourd 1:50
    7. Hesitation Blues 2:20
    8. Hey Hey Baby 1:20
    9. Reuben's Train 2:30
    10. Mister Spaceman 1:55
    11. Moving Day 2:45
    12. Better Things For You 3:10
    13. Same Old Man 1:45
    14. Hop High Ladies 1:55
    15. Bound To Lose 4:15
    16. Bully Of The Town 2:56
    17. Sail Away Ladies 2:35
    18. Statesboro Blues 1:34
    19. Clinch Mountain Backstep 2:00
    20. Down The Old Plank Road 2:00
    21. Black Eyed Susie 1:30
    22. Hot Corn, Cold Corn 2:06
    23. Crowley Waltz 1:30
    24. Fishing Blues 1:38
    25. Junko Partner 1:05
    26. Soldier's Joy 3:08
    27. Mole In The Ground 2:43
    28. Chevrolet Six 1:56
    29. Flop Eared Mule 2:15

Like many young musicians of their generation, Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber were inspired to adapt traditional music to their own ends, but what they did with it on their first two Prestige records was unlike anything before or since. Combining old-time fiddle tunes, blues songs, and folk ballads with pop parodies and psychedelia that predated acid rock by years, the Rounders created a style that was at once true to tradition and vividly contemporary. The banjo, guitar, and fiddle evoked Appalachia, but many of the lyrics were pure Sixties Greenwich Village. In comparison, later Rounder collaborations with such like-minded musical miscreants as the Fugs, Michael Hurley, and the Moray Eels seemed almost tame. These sessions capture two young musicians and a time and place on a document that ranks among the most significant of the folk revival.

with Peter Stampfel, Steve Weber

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