10 De Paco

Jorge Pardo

10 De Paco
  • CAT # MCD-9229-2

    1. Solo Quiero Caminar 9:07
    2. Chiquito 8:16
    3. Rio Ancho 4:03
    4. Zyriab 5:57
    5. La Tumbona 6:18
    6. Se Me Partio La Barrena 3:56
    7. Almoraima 2:34
    8. Playa Del Carmen 8:30
    9. Monasterio De Sal 4:46
    10. Cancion De Amor 7:29

Acclaimed for his longtime association with Paco de Lucía and for his own Milestone albums Las Cigarras Son Quizá Sordas and Veloz, Madrid’s Jorge Pardo is one of the architects of the current flamenco renaissance. Chano Domínguez, the Cadiz pianist who has made his own significant contributions, joins Pardo on this vibrant tribute to the genius of de Lucía. The two have taken on the difficult proposition of reinterpreting--without guitar--ten of Paco’s best-known melodies. Although the piano/sax pairing is unusual in the genre, Pardo and Domínguez possess the musicianship and duende to make 10 de Paco a landmark flamenco/jazz recording.

with Javier Colina, Tino Di Geraldo, Luis Dulzaides, Conchi Heredia "Chonchi," El Conde

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