A Day Like This

New York Voices

A Day Like This
  • CAT # MCGJ1031-25

    1. Darn That Dream 3:31
    2. The World Keeps You Waiting 6:08
    3. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 5:31
    4. On A Clear Day 5:02
    5. For All We Know 4:03
    6. Love You Madly 4:20
    7. As We Live And Breathe 4:24
    8. No Moon At All 4:50
    9. Chamego (Betty's Bossa) 3:59
    10. Noticing The Moment 4:35
    11. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing 4:31
    12. Stone Soul Picnic 3:45
    13. A Day Like This 4:50
    14. Jackie 4:31

A Day Like This is the very best of New York Voices' eclectic musical palette

This collection of songs shows the versatility of the four individual members of New York Voices (Kim Nazarian, Lauren Kinhan, Darmon Meader and Peter Eldridge) and the breadth of musical styles made possible by their collective range and expertise. All of the 14 tunes on A Day Like This were arranged by members of New York Voices, with Darmon Meader and Peter Eldridge doubling up on tenor saxophone and piano respectively. Four original songs, written and arranged collectively by the members, exhibit how the exceptional talent of New York Voices goes beyond the art of vocal singing.

“Darn That Dream,” the opening track and “For All We Know” are favorites of New York Voices from their Ithaca College days. Jay Ashby’s, Darmon Meader’s and Kim Nazarian’s unique arrangement of “In The Wee Small Hours Of the Morning” may seem to be a somewhat backwards approach with the melody, the true hook of the song, coming at the end. The arrangers wanted to evoke an approach to evening and then moving on to the dawn. Additionally, Duke Ellington’s “Love You Madly” also brings Nazarian to the foreground, revealing her ease and joy in delivering such a beloved standard. “Noticing The Moment,” music from “Moment’s Notice” by John Coltrane features original lyrics written by Peter Eldridge and Nazarian, added by permission. Adding words to typically instrumental jazz tunes “fulfills the New York Voices’ mission to bridge the worlds of vocal and instrumental jazz,” comments Nazarian. “Noticing The Moment” and “On A Clear Day” are both arranged by Darmon Meader for six horns.

The four original songs on the album demonstrate just how multi-faceted New York Voices are as musicians. “The World Keeps You Waiting” written by Lauren Kinhan and Eldridge, deals with how our focus changes as we get older. Eldridge’s lyric speaks to how much of the world’s values lose their meaning as we move through life, and our ability to find joy in other ways. Eldridge was “channeling” Ivan Lins and Kinhan was thinking of Chick Corea; therefore, the music was written with that energy in mind. “As We Live and Breathe,” also written by Kinhan and Eve Nelson for Kinhan’s brother-in-law after losing his mother, was finished around the time Kinhan became a parent. She says, “The song is about the cycle of life; the incredible joy and the unbearable sadness; the ups and downs that we must endure.” “A Day Like This” was a wordless composition of Meader’s until Eldridge added his lyrical expertise. Meader says, “The song had a melancholy flavor which Peter expanded upon through his word painting. I love songs that have interesting harmonies, but still have accessible melodies.” “Chamego (Betty’s Bossa),” also written by Eldridge and friend and vocalist Jack Donahue, was inspired by the beautiful melodies of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Eldridge, recalling a conversation with Brazilian singer, Luciana Souza, explains the Brazilian concept of chamego, which is a sense to breathe someone in as you meet them. The song title is a tribute to Eldridge’s mother, Betty, who is dealing with Alzheimer’s.

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