A Gift For Tomorrow

Joe McBride

A Gift For Tomorrow
  • CAT # HUCD3025-25

    1. An Evening In Dallas 5:03
    2. Secrets 5:11
    3. Never Be Lonely 3:57
    4. Walking In Rhythm 5:09
    5. A Gift For Tomorrow 5:00
    6. Messenger 4:54
    7. Deja Vu 4:44
    8. World To Me 3:47
    9. Everybody Needs Love 3:42
    10. Reunion 4:49
    11. You've Got A Friend 4:28

Dallas-based pianist/vocalist Joe McBride is known among his peers as one of the most talented individuals in the industry today. A Gift for Tomorrow, Joe's second release for Heads Up, only embellishes that reputation.

This Gift includes several tracks with McBride as vocalist which are to be reckoned with; spirited covers of pop classics like "Walking in Rhythm," "Deja Vu," and "You've Got a Friend;" and totally satisfying guest appearances by Larry Carlton, Kirk Whalum and Dave Koz.

"A Gift for Tomorrow is just as uplifting as Grace is," says Joe, "but just a bit more in tune with my R&B roots. The jazz/hip-hop hybrid is really the music of the Nineties, and I think blending the two is a logical direction for my music to take. This album digs a little deeper in terms of the playing, and shows a lot of growth from the first. The gift I offer is one of uplifting messages - I want to reach people with a sophisticated yet likeable sound that gets them away from the negative things in their lives."

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