A Week At The Blue Note

Chick Corea And Origin

A Week At The Blue Note
  • CAT # SCD6-9020-25

    DISC ONE  
    1. Say It Again (Part 1) 1:32
    2. Say It Again (Part 2)
    3. Double Image 15:51
    4. Bewitched 9:55
    5. Bird Feathers 13:44
    6. Say It Again 1:29
    7. Say It Again (Part 2)
    8. Tempus Fugit 17:11
    DISC TWO  
    1. Hand Me Down 13:22
    2. Soul Mates 9:11
    3. Matrix 19:11
    4. It Could Happen To You 15:26
    5. Dreamless 13:35
    1. Bewitched 10:21
    2. Bird Feathers 14:45
    3. Say It Again (Part 1)
    4. Say It Again (Part 2)
    5. Tempus Fugit 16:58
    6. Hand Me Down 14:51
    7. Molecules 12:36
    1. Sifu 15:09
    2. Matrix 22:34
    3. Say It Again (Part 1) 1:31
    4. Say It Again (Part 2) 1:14
    5. Double Image 19:00
    1. Blue Monk 12:05
    2. Sifu 11:02
    3. Molecules 12:09
    4. Straight No Chaser 13:59
    5. Say It Again (Part 1) 1:36
    6. Say It Again (Part 2) 1:05
    7. Four 19:49
    DISC SIX  
    1. Bewitched 11:53
    2. Hand Me Down 14:04
    3. Four In One 14:37
    4. Matrix 13:04
    5. Double Image 18:07

Capturing the beginnings of Chick Corea & Origin's evolution, A Week At The Blue Note is a special 6-disc collection presenting six sets of the band's music recorded over three nights, live at the Blue Note. This boxed-set treats listeners to intimate, unedited performances of Chick's brand new band in the first week of developing their music. "Originally I thought that I might only use the recordings contained on this six-disc set for promotional purposes (like a demo) and record the group in a studio setting later. But it turns out, after we played and recorded, I fell in love with the live feel of what we had on tape. This is how the band really sounds in performance - the intimacies along with a few of the technical problems of playing a small dry-sounding club with a stage that's not quite large enough for the six musicians. All the realness of a live performance... Making a live recording without sound separators, monitors or headphones allows the musicians to play together and listen to one another

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