• CAT # SCD-9015-25

    1. Ora 4:19
    2. Madrid 4:51
    3. Bass Suite #1 5:51
    4. Reunion Of The Souls 5:02
    5. Dror 5:17
    6. No Change 4:03
    7. Bass & Bone Fantasy 4:07
    8. Adama 5:56
    9. Bass Suite #2 4:37
    10. Besame Mucho 7:24
    11. Gadu 6:02
    12. Jasonity 1:18

Familiar to U.S. and international audiences for his work with Panamanian pianist Danilo Perez, jazz singer Nnenna Freelon, and most recently as a member of Chick Corea's new group Origin, 27-year-old bassist/composer Avishai Cohen - who was born in Israel, and moved to New York in 1992 - has been taking the New York jazz world by storm. He's living proof of the multi-cultural nature and embrace of jazz, fusing ethnic influences from his homeland with the contemporary sensibilities of post-modern jazz. Cohen has crafted a swinging, accessible blend of music that appeals to jazz lovers around the world.


Avishai Cohen - acoustic bass
Steve Wilson - soprano saxophone
Steve Davis - trombone
Jason Lindner- piano
Brad Mehidau - piano
Danilo Perez- piano
Chick Corea - Fender Rhodes
Amos Hoffman - guitar, cud
Jeff Ballard - drums, percussion
Jordy Rossi - drums
Don Alias - congas
Claudia Acuna - vocals

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