Alecia Nugent

Alecia Nugent

Alecia Nugent
  • CAT # 11661-0518-2

    1. I'll Stay Around 2:45
    2. Red, White and Blue 3:22
    3. If Your Heart Could Talk 3:00
    4. My First Mistake 3:10
    5. Jealous Heart 3:32
    6. Think of What You've Done 2:18
    7. Paper and Pen 3:33
    8. But I Do 3:01
    9. For Love's Sake 3:33
    10. You Don't Have to Go Home 3:12
    11. Blame It on the Train 4:01

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Alecia Nugent is the stunning debut CD by one of the most powerful new voices in bluegrass. Her unadorned yet passionate style and rare ability to make a song her own place her among the finest bluegrass singers of today. Produced by Grammy® nominated producer Carl Jackson and with musical support from Rebecca Lynn Howard, Rhonda Vincent, Ron McCoury, and Ben and Sonya Isaacs, Alecia Nugent is a bluegrass album that is startling in both its purity and depth of soul. 'Alecia Nugent possesses one of the most honest, refreshing, and believable voices I've heard in many years. I truly believe she is destined for female vocalist and album of the year awards.' - Eddie Stubbs, WSM Grand Ole Opry Announcer

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