John Fahey

  • CAT # TAKCD-8903-25

    1. Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker 3:23
    2. Amazing Grace 2:18
    3. Song #3 1:48
    4. Special Rider Blues 3:03
    5. Dvorak 3:42
    6. Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker 3:23
    7. Finale 3:10
    8. America 7:40
    9. Dalhart, Texas, 1967 10:56
    10. Knoxville Blues 3:07
    11. Mark 1:15 14:13
    12. Voice Of The Turtle 15:42
    13. The Waltz That Carried Us Away And Then A Mosquito Came And Ate Up Mysweetheart 5:49

In 1971 John Fahey recorded America, one of the most striking albums of his career. But sometime between the time it was recorded and the time it was released, half the album was scrapped. (Fahey was persuaded that a double album wouldn't sell.) Thus the truncated America was issued as a single LP.
Released here for the first time are the additional nine songs that would have made up the first album in the abandoned two-LP set. These singular recastings of American hymns, gospel, and folk songs; Skip James's "Special Rider Blues" an exquisite arrangement of the third movement of Dvorák's Eighth Symphony; and a couple of lost masterworks--"America" (the only recording of Fahey playing 12-string?) and "Dalhart, Texas, 1967"--allow the listener to grasp the scope and ambition of Fahey's original concept in a way never before possible. "It was a masterpiece then," says Chuck Young in his liner notes, "and it's twice the masterpiece now."
Here, at last, is America as Fahey originally envisioned it.

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