At Folk City

Big Joe Williams

At Folk City MP3
  • CAT # OBCCD-580-25

    1. Mink Coat Blues 2:47
    2. Burned Child Is Scared Of Fire 3:52
    3. Baby, I Ain't Gonna Let You Go 3:12
    4. Trouble Gonna Take Me To My Grave 3:20
    5. Bugle Blues 2:52
    6. Just Want To Be Your Man 2:52
    7. I'm Gonna Do It This Time 2:43
    8. She's Doggin' Me 2:10
    9. How Do You Want Your Rollin' Done 2:00
    10. I Can't Sign My Name 3:30
    11. Bottle Up And Go 3:03
    12. I'm Tired, Woman 3:00

Singer, guitarist, and occasional kazoo-blower Joe Lee Williams (1903-1982) was one of the most intense of all Mississippi Delta blues stylists. Propulsive boogie bass lines, slashing chords, and shimmering fills played on a battered nine-string guitar of his own invention were well integrated into his incisive, leather-lunged vocal lines and chilling falsetto wails, and he made extraordinary use of dynamics to heighten the passion of his deeply personal performances. The relatively sedate surroundings of Gerde's Folk City in Greenwich Village, where this album (his third of three for Prestige/Bluesville) was recorded in 1962, did nothing to dampen the fierceness of Big Joe's music.

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