At The Black Hawk, Vol. 4

Shelly Manne & His Men

At The Black Hawk Vol 4
  • CAT # OJCCD-659-25

    1. Cabu 5:17
    2. Just Squeeze Me 6:15
    3. Nightingale 12:03
    4. Theme: A Gem From Tiffany 3:04
    5. Cabu (Alternate Version) 10:48

This fourth volume commemorating Shelly Manne’s 1959 odyssey at the Black Hawk includes the surprise of a waltz-time version of Duke Ellington’s “Squeeze Me.” Pursuing Manne’s penchant for swinging treatments of unexpected material, there is a spirited approach to Xavier Cugat’s “Nightingale.” The group’s theme, “A Gem from Tiffany,” gets its fastest workout on record. Roland Alexander’s “Cabu” is explored in the originally issued take and a longer alternate recently discovered and included as a bonus track. Manne had fine bands in succeeding decades, but the group with Richie Kamuca, Joe Gordon, Victor Feldman, and Monty Budwig has a special place in his long career.

with Joe Gordon, Richie Kamuca, Victor Feldman, Monty Budwig

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