Back Home MP3 OJCCD 971 25
  • CAT # OJCCD-971-25

    1. Sugar Ray 6:22
    2. Ill Wind (You're Blowing Me No Good) 4:19
    3. Watch What Happens 5:59
    4. No Moon At All 2:15
    5. Back Home 4:22
    6. On Green Dolphin Street 6:00
    7. Pamela 4:49
    8. Love For Sale 4:48

Phineas Newborn, Jr.’s 1976 Back Home date reunited the protean pianist with the rhythm team that accompanied him nearly eight years earlier on Harlem Blues (OJCCD-662-2) and Please Send Me Someone to Love (OJCCD-947-2). Bassist Ray Brown was a bastion of musical and personal support to Newborn. The pianist needed support; his career and behavior were erratic, but his consistent level of virtuosity is attained by few artists in any field. Drummer Elvin Jones is best known for his spectacular service with John Coltrane and other adventures in the avant-garde. He is, however, many other things in the percussion department. As a mainstream swinger, he shares Brown’s exquisite time sense. The two of them gave Newborn the buoyancy and confidence he required. On the rare occasions when they all played together, the results were remarkable. This CD preserves one of those occasions.

with Ray Brown, Elvin Jones

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