Bags Meets Wes OJCCD 234 2
  • CAT # OJCCD-234-25

    1. S.K.J. 5:14
    2. Stablemates 4:51
    3. Stairway To The Stars (Take 3) 3:39
    4. Stairway To The Stars (Take 2) 4:48
    5. Blue Roz 4:43
    6. Sam Sack 6:03
    7. Jingles (Take 9) 5:29
    8. Jingles (Take 8) 5:29
    9. Delilah (Take 4) 6:14
    10. Delilah (Take 3) 6:14

When Wes Montgomery made his first amazing impact on the New York jazz scene at the end of the 1950s, a great many established stars actively sought to record with him. Milt Jackson was one of the few for whom the guitarist felt an equal affinity. For one thing, they shared a strong love for the blues; and Wes had learned, through years of playing with his brother Buddy, to value the vibes/guitar sound. To support this memorable meeting of thoroughly compatible jazz masters, Riverside assembled one of the most cohesive recording rhythm sections of its day: Wynton Kelly, Sam Jones, and Philly Joe Jones.

with Wynton Kelly, Sam Jones, Philly Joe Jones

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