• CAT # 18964-0285-2

    1. Play , My Bagpipe 2:09
    2. There is More Than One Road in the Field/All the Village Knows Katenka 3:40
    3. Three Russian Songs: Enough, Friends, I've Traveled All the World Over, At the Gate 4:35
    4. Barinya (the Russian dance, The Lady) 1:13
    5. The Peddlers 2:56
    6. I Was in a Garden/Oh, You Birch Tree 4:07
    7. I Go Out on the Road Alone 3:11
    8. Russian Merriment 2:07
    9. I Will Go to the Swift Flowing River/I Am Sitting on a Stone 4:07
    10. Polyanka (the Russian dance, The Meadow) 1:50
    11. Badinerie (from J.S. Bach's Suite in B Minor) 1:23
    12. Remember, Remember 3:09
    13. The Moon is Shining 1:38

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Alexander Eppler is an acknowledge virtuoso on two greatly contrasting instruments: balalaika (the traditional Russian three-stringed instrument) and cimbalom (hammered dulcimer). Eppler has toured Eastern Europe extensively, was a featured soloist with the Bulgarian National Ensemble in Plovdiv and the founder and teacher of the music school in Haskovo, Bulgaria where he assisted in the artistic direction of its Youth Ensemble. He made his Carnegie Hall debut in 1980 and has been a featured soloist with several leading symphony orchestras. On Barinya he weds Russian folk songs and classical melodies, revealing both the astonishing possibilities inherent in the balalaika adn cimbalom, and the poetry and emotional depth of Russian folk music. Eppler is accompanied by Kimbal Dykes on classical guitar.

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