Beethoven's Wig 4: Dance Along Symphonies

Beethoven's Wig

Beethovens Wig 4 Dance Along Symphonies
  • CAT # 11661-8127-2

    1. Forever We're Marching 1:39
    2. Oh No! 1:29
    3. A Masterpiece 1:02
    4. Midnight Snack 2:00
    5. Give Me A 10 1:48
    6. Blow Blow Blow 1:22
    7. I Want My Diploma 2:19
    8. Joyful Waldteufel 1:28
    9. Minuet Duet 1:11
    10. Rover Roll Over 2:40
    11. Please Mr. Ringmaster 1:44
    12. Beep Beep Beep 2:51
    13. The Washington Post 1:40
    14. Maple Leaf Rag 1:29
    15. Rondeau from Suite of Symphonies 1:02
    16. Habanera from Carmen 2:00
    17. Les Patineurs 1:47
    18. Neapolitan Dance from Swan Lake 1:22
    19. Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 2:19
    20. Estudiantina 1:28
    21. Minuet in G from Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach 1:11
    22. Annen Polka 2:39
    23. Entry of the Gladiators 1:44
    24. Moonlight Sonata 2:51

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Boogie with Beethoven's Wig! Move to the music while delighting in zany lyrics set to classic music pieces written especially for dance. Step into a fun foundation for classical music and timeless dances that will last a lifetime. Inspired and wildly imaginative, the Beethoven's Wig series has won 40 national awards including three Grammy® Award nominations. It has been featured on NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered and on NBC's Today Show. The CD booklet includes lyrics, trivia questions and activities. The instrumental performance of each piece is also included without lyrics. Beethoven's Wig is the classical music sensation for the whole family!

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