Bird On 52nd Street

Charlie Parker

Bird On 52nd Street
  • CAT # OJCCD-114-25

    1. Theme 2:19
    2. Shaw 'Nuff 1:33
    3. Out Of Nowhere 3:05
    4. Hot House 2:14
    5. This Time The Dream's On Me 2:21
    6. A Night In Tunisia 3:29
    7. My Old Flame 3:23
    8. 52nd Street Theme 1:05
    9. The Way You Look Tonight 4:42
    10. Out Of Nowhere 2:35
    11. Chasin' The Bird 1:47
    12. This Time The Dream's On Me 3:28
    13. Dizzy Atmosphere 3:00
    14. How High The Moon 3:37
    15. Theme 1:17

A companion album to Bird at St. Nick’s (OJC-041), this was also taped on location by trombonist Jimmy Knepper. It comes, most likely, from the Three Deuces on New York’s famed “Swing Alley,” 52nd Street.
The supporting cast of trumpeter Miles Davis, pianist Duke Jordan, bassist Tommy Potter, and drummer Max Roach helped compromise the Charlie quintet but Jordan is heard in solo only briefly and Davis hardly at all. Tape was precious and Knepper saved the lion’s share for Bird. The standards and the originals are all here as only Parker could play them, including “A Night in Tunisia” “break” and several versions of “52nd Street Theme.”

with Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, Max Roach

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