Bringin' It Home

Brother Jack McDuff

Bringin It Home
  • CAT # CCD-4855-25

    1. Cold Duck Time 5:20
    2. The Scratch 7:11
    3. Girl Talk 6:04
    4. After Hours 6:45
    5. This Masquerade 8:13
    6. A Time For Love 5:54
    7. Moohah! Joe Dukes 3:09
    8. Summertime 8:12
    9. Pettin' The Cat 6:41

"Any Jack McDuff recording is a celebration of funk, blues and jazz. In short, the real deal. But this particular session was a special occasion. Not only does the great Hammond B-3 statesman get to do his thing in his inimitable fashion, but he does it in regal company [including 1960s McDuff band alumni George Benson and Red Halloway] marking Bringin' It Home as one of the great jazz reunions of the year." - Bill Milkowski, contributor to JazzTimes Magazine FEATURING: George Benson - Guitar Red Holloway - Tenor Saxophone Mark Whitfield - Guitar Andrew Beals - Alto Saxophone Frank Gravis - Acoustic Bass John Hart - Guitar Rudy Petschauer - Drums Grady Tate - Drums Jerry Weldon - Tenor Saxophone

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