Buckingham Solo

Tift Merritt

Buckingham Solo MP3
  • CAT # FAN-31452-25

    1. Another Country 4:15
    2. Something to Me 3:52
    3. Broken 4:14
    4. Tender Branch 3:58
    5. Keep You Happy 4:02
    6. Stray Paper 3:20
    7. Still Pretending 4:23
    8. Trouble Over Me 4:43
    9. Good Hearted Man 3:54
    10. Morning Is My Destination 2:57
    11. I Live for You 3:01
    12. Do Something Good 5:17

From the first time that Tift Merritt played the piano in the church at the Radcliffe Centre in Buckingham, England, she thought that the amazing acoustics and inspiring ambiance would make an ideal setting for a live acoustic-solo record. On June 23rd, Fantasy Records will release Buckingham Solo. The collection, recorded live on November 29th, 2008 features songs from her three studio albums, some surprise covers and new material.

Over the course of three critically acclaimed studio albums and live tours that have drawn raves, Tift Merritt has risen to become one of the most admired singer-songwriters of her generation. Buckingham Solo showcases Tift and these great songs in the intimate and pure way she wrote them. Among the standouts are “Something To Me” and “Tender Branch” from her most recent album, 2007’s Another Country, “Stray Paper” and “”Good Hearted Man” from her Grammy nominated record, Tambourine and a beautiful cover of George Harrison’s “I Live For You”.

“The whole thing seemed to make sense,” stated Tift. “Writing Another Country was my solitary bohemian romance – finally alone with my thoughts, lost in a foreign country with no telephone. Maybe the best way to recreate the intensity of that time would be to play these songs how they were written – fumbling by myself at a piano far from home.”

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