Bye Bye Blackbird

Kevyn Lettau

Bye Bye Blackbird
  • CAT # MCGJ1019-25

    1. I've Got You Under My Skin 4:13
    2. Bye Bye Blackbird 3:40
    3. I Fall In Love Too Easily 5:43
    4. Love You Madly 2:49
    5. It Amazes Me 4:02
    6. I Concentrate On You 3:36
    7. It's Delovely 2:47
    8. Being Green 4:17
    9. Let's Fall In Love 3:22
    10. Gone With The Wind 6:03
    11. Sophisticated Lady 3:54

Bye Bye Blackbird, singer/songwriter Kevyn Lettau’s debut for MCG JAZZ, will be a highlight in a career that has taken her across the globe. It’s her first-ever all-standards set, featuring tunes such as "I've Got You Under My Skin," "Love You Madly," "Let's Fall In Love," "Gone With The Wind," and the title track.

The rich orchestrations were arranged and conducted by the legendary Dori Caymmi and provide a lush backdrop for Lettau’s sexy voice.

"This was such an easy project," says Kevyn. "It was a natural process. I’ve worked quite a bit over the years with Dori, he knows what I like and knows my voice. I picked several songs, gave him some idea of the feel and tempos I had in mind and then he was off writing the arrangements, all of which I loved! This recording was done almost completely 'live' which is such a wonderful way to capture the magic of the moment. I am so blessed to have this amazing group of musicians to sing with. We treated the whole process much like a rehearsed jam session.

"I have wanted to record a CD of standards for so many years but I just couldn’t bring myself to record the songs I had learned from Sarah, Ella, Billie, and Betty etc. I thought ‘Why redo anything touched by the masters when there's no way I would even remotely think or assume I could do them even half as well as they did.’ But I decided that maybe I could find myself in these songs and I didn't have to worry about measuring up to the masters. And together with the harmonic genius and passion of Dori!!! I just love singing these songs! I am thrilled that MCG Jazz is releasing Bye Bye Blackbird. It is such a great thing they have going, the whole concept of giving back to the community, I love it."

Though born in Germany, Kevyn grew up in Southern California. By age 17 she’d caught the singing bug and began working with guitarist Peter Sprague singing jazz, R & B and Brazilian music in and around the San Diego area.

Kevyn got her big break when the legendary Brazilian pianist and bandleader, Sergio Mendes, discovered her (Al Jarreau was a mentor, too). She toured and recorded with Mendes for eight years, developing her own vocal style along the way.

Kevyn's first two solo releases were Kevyn Lettau and Braziljazz. They led to critical acclaim and a loyal following both in the U.S. and abroad, particularly in Japan and the Philippines, where she achieved near-superstar status (Kevyn was a spokesmodel for a soft drink company, featured in multiple television commercials and print ads which ran for years). She is currently the spokesmodel for Philippine Airlines and Sunlife Insurance.

In 1992, Kevyn signed with JVC Music, where she continued her journey of musical and personal exploration. She recorded four albums for JVC including Simple Life, Another Season, Universal Language, and The Language of Flowers. With her next label, Universal Music, she recorded Police, (her exploration of the music from the pop/rock genre-bending group), Little Things, and The Color of Love.

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