Good Night, And Good Luck.

Dianne Reeves

Good Night And Good Luck
  • Release Date: 27 Sep 2005
  • Genre: OTHER
  • CAT # CCD-2307-25

    1. Straighten Up And Fly Right
    2. I've Got My Eyes On You
    3. Gotta Be This Or That
    4. Too Close For Comfort
    5. How High The Moon
    6. Who’s Minding The Store?
    7. You're Driving Me Crazy
    8. Pretend
    9. Solitude
    10. Tv Is The Thing This Year
    11. Pick Yourself Up
    12. When I Fall In Love (Instrumental)
    13. Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall
    14. There'll Be Another Spring
    15. One For My Baby 3:50

Good Night, And Good Luck. follows the legendary Edward R. Murrow (David Straithairn) during the broadcaster’s on-air confrontations with Senator Joseph McCarthy. Murrow, the then host of the CBS series, See It Now, exposed the infamous politician’s deceit, bullying, and manipulation in one of history’s most courageous moments of journalism, an act that helped bring an end to the tyranny of the blacklist and the House Un-American Activities Committee anti-Communist hearings. Good Night, And Good Luck. is directed by George Clooney, who co-wrote the script with the film’s producer Grant Heslov. Clooney also stars as CBS News producer Fred Friendly.

Good Night, And Good Luck. is shot entirely in black and white, with much of the mood and atmosphere created by the smoky jazz soundtrack and the gorgeous vocal talents of three-time GRAMMY® Award-winner Dianne Reeves. Clooney handpicked each of the songs featured in the movie, which Reeves, one of the preeminent jazz vocalists in the world today, also performs on screen.

The soundtrack for Good Night, And Good Luck., much of which was recorded live on film, features an original song, “Who’s Minding the Store,” along with such classics as “Too Close for Comfort,” “Straighten Up and Fly Right,” “One for My Baby,” and “How High the Moon.”

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