Nnenna Freelon

  • CAT # CCD-4896-25

    1. Better Than Anything 4:56
    2. Let It Be Me 4:48
    3. Straighten Up And Fly Right 3:25
    4. Amazing Grace (Duo Version) 2:32
    5. Button Up Your Overcoat 5:02
    6. One Child At A Time 3:59
    7. I Say A Little Prayer 4:18
    8. If It's Magic 4:08
    9. Soulcall 4:01
    10. Just In Time 4:26
    11. Paper Moon 3:41
    12. You're Nearer / Nearer My God To Thee 4:14
    13. Amazing Grace (Trio Version) 4:04

Nnenna Freelon selected each of the songs on this album because they each spook to her heart in a personal way. Amazing Grace, for example, was one of the first songs she ever sang in public as a child. She decided to record two very different versions to express both her love and lifelong relationship with that song.

This album was recorded in New York, NY, on April 20-12 and 23, 2000.

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