Can't Buy Your Way

Northern Lights

Cant Buy Your Way
  • CAT # 18964-0593-2

    1. Can't Buy Your Way 4:56
    2. My Only One 3:57
    3. Lighthouse 4:13
    4. When The Time Had Fully Come 2:46
    5. September's End 3:58
    6. Rainmaker 5:17
    7. City On A Hill 3:14
    8. Take You Back Again 3:50
    9. Heartache Tonight 3:03
    10. Share This Feeling 2:54
    11. Jubilation 4:11
    12. Anger And Tears 3:42
    13. On The Edge 2:48

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Here was a band that had absorbed all the bluegrass fundamentals -- tone, timing, taste, etc., -- but wasn't trying to sound like anyone else. Northern Lights is among a small group of successful bands who created something new in the music because they weren't afraid to add their own ideas to it. The list includes not only recent innovators New Grass Revival and Skyline, but also the Country Gentlemen, the Osborne Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs, and even Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys. Most of the ideas now considered traditional were at one time radically progressive. Who knows? In years to come, the music on this album might be considered traditional.' --Orin Friesen, KFDI, Wichita KS

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