Chain Reaction: Yokohama Concert, Vol. 2

J.J. Johnson & Nat Adderley

Chain Reaction Yokohama Concert Vol 2 MP3
  • Release Date: 18 Sep 1995
  • Label: PABLO
  • Genre: JAZZ
  • CAT # PACD-2620-121-25

    1. Blue 'N' Boogie 9:00
    2. Modaji 5:56
    3. Song From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) 5:07
    4. Colors 4:48
    5. Chain Reaction 4:02
    6. Mr. Clean 7:23
    7. Walkin' 7:57
    8. Mohawk 6:34

This set is a worthy, if belated, follow-up to J.J. Johnson & Nat Adderley: The Yokohama Concert. Recorded during the same 1977 tour, these performances effectively summarize the state of jazz in the late 1970s. The flag-waving bebop and bluesy swagger of modern jazz classics "Blue 'n' Boogie" and "Walkin'," plus the 6/4 soul-jazz that is "Mohawk," illustrate where Johnson (1924-2001; the undisputed heavyweight champion of modernist trombone) and Adderley (1931-2000; one of post-bop trumpet's middleweight titlists, and composer of the catchy soul-jazz hit "Work Song") were coming from. Newer material like Dave Grusin's "Modaji," Joe Sample's "Chain Reaction," and Weldon Irvine's "Mr. Clean" (all of which feature Billy Childs on the electric keyboards and synthesizers that were essential to much of the jazz of the late Seventies) show that the veterans at the helm were open to the new funk and fusion inflections of the day. But most of all, the eight selections herein, all previously unissued, remind us that J.J. Johnson and Nat Adderley won't be replaced anytime soon.

with Billy Childs, Tony Dumas, Kevin Johnson

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