Classic Delta Blues

Big Joe Williams

Classic Delta Blues MP3
  • CAT # OBCCD-545-25

    1. Rollin' N' Tumblin' 2:36
    2. Hellhound On My Trail 3:07
    3. Bird's Nest Bound 3:01
    4. Crossroads Blues 2:45
    5. Special Rider 2:55
    6. Pony Blues 3:10
    7. Pea Vine Special 3:04
    8. Walkin' Blues 2:53
    9. Dirt Road Blues 2:40
    10. Banty Rooster Blues 2:58
    11. Terraplane Blues 3:05
    12. Jinx Blues 2:50

Like Robert Johnson, his Mississippi Delta contemporary, singer-guitarist Joseph Lee Williams was a fierce, wonderfully idiosyncratic country blues stylist. The composer of countless tunes, including the now-standard "Baby, Please Don't Go," Big Joe instead concentrated on personalized renditions of numbers associated with other Delta blues giants as Johnson, Charley Patton, and Skip James at this stunning 1964 session. What also makes it extraordinary is that he played a standard six-string guitar rather than the homemade nine-string model he favored during that period.

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with Willie Dixon, Larry Johnson Recorded October 7, 1961. More
Singer, guitarist, and occasional kazoo-blower Joe Lee Williams (1903-1982) was one of the most intense of all Mississippi Delta blues stylists… More