Closeup In Swing/A New Kind Of Love

Erroll Garner

Closeup In SwingA New Kind Of Love
  • Release Date: 01 Jul 1997
  • Label: TELARC
  • Genre: JAZZ
  • CAT # 83383-25

    1. You Do Something to Me 3:15
    2. My Silent Love 4:05
    3. All of Me 2:21
    4. No More Shadows 4:07
    5. St. Louis Blues 6:27
    6. Some of These Days 3:12
    7. I'm in the Mood for Love 4:25
    8. El Papa Grande 4:10
    9. The Best Things in Life are Free 3:28
    10. Back in Your Own Back Yard 3:49
    11. You Brought a New Kind of Love to me 3:28
    12. Louise 3:18
    13. Fashion Interlude 4:08
    14. Steve's Song 3:55
    15. Paris Mist (Bossa Nova) 3:54
    16. Mimi 3:35
    17. Theme from A New Kind of Love (All Yours) 3:13
    18. In the Park in Paree 3:13
    19. Paris Mist (Waltz-Swing) 4:19
    20. The Tease 3:36

Telarc is proud to release the fifth dual album drawn from the works of the extremely prolific pianist and composer Erroll Garner. This set brings together two diverse albums from his past Octave Record Masters, Closeup in Swing and A New Kind of Love. Both classics have been out of print for more than two decades.

Closeup in Swing is a collection of ten songs chosen by Garner from more than sixty improvisations that he performed during several evening sessions in July and August of 1961. It is comprised mostly of jazz standards like Cole Porter's "You Do Something To Me" and "I'm in the Mood for Love" by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields. There are also two Garner originals, "El Papa Grande" a brilliant mambo revel and the beautiful ballad "No More Shadows." This album exudes extraordinary warmth and energy that Garner has been able to bring to both the standards and originals.

On A New Kind of Love, Garner makes his debut as a composer of motion picture themes and brings his piano artistry into a new dimension, within the setting of a magnificent 35-piece orchestra conducted by veteran Hollywood arranger-conductor Leith Stevens.

For this album, Garner has taken the themes he composed for the score of A New Kind of Love, starring Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, and re-created them expressly for this recording. He extended his own compositions and re-interpreted the film's standard songs, far beyond their original use in the picture score, with enormously fulfilling and exciting results.

One of the most amazing aspects of this recording was that Garner did not employ any overdubbing; the entire piano track was improvised and recorded together with the orchestra. The uninhibited imagery which is characteristic of Garner's piano improvisations was given full reign here, vividly complementing the orchestrations.

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