Dancing on Water


Dancing on Water
  • CAT # 11661-3160-2

    1. Sharon's Dance 3:45
    2. Bukovinska Polka 4:16
    3. Rumeynisher Kretshmeh/Hora Staccato 4:10
    4. Sirba Batuta 2:07
    5. Haneros Haluli 3:34
    6. Dancing On Water 2:36
    7. Father's Nigun 5:30
    8. A Heimischer Sher 3:54
    9. A Fish Out Of Water (Sardines On Rye) 2:51
    10. Harbstlid "Autumn Song" 4:07
    11. Azoi Tantzt Men Odessa (This Is How We Dance In Odessa) 4:44
    12. Stories Of Times Past 4:55

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From Canada, Finjan is a leading group in the klezmer revival, with a repertoire that embraces the full range of the tradition, from Yiddish theatre standards to adventurous new compositions, which challenge the boundaries of the style. 'The first time I heard them, the power, depth and humor of their music began a resonance that for me, has not yet stopped. And now, as we turn the corner into the next century -- so what!!? The timelessness of Finjan's music drives right through the millennium and into Groucho's clubhouse.' --Ben Mink

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