Dave Brubeck And Paul Desmond

Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond

Dave Brubeck And Paul Desmond MP3
  • CAT # FCD-24727-25

    1. Jeepers Creepers 7:27
    2. On A Little Street In Singapore 2:42
    3. Trolley Song (Rehearsal) 2:17
    4. Trolley Song 3:21
    5. I May Be Wrong 2:55
    6. Blue Moon 8:17
    7. My Heart Stood Still 3:27
    8. Let's Fall In Love 7:20
    9. Over The Rainbow 5:04
    10. You Go To My Head 7:53
    11. Crazy Chris 7:06
    12. Give A Little Whistle 6:54
    13. Tea For Two 7:00
    14. This Can't Be Love 4:06

Jeepers Creepers, On a Little Street in Singapore, Trolley Song (Rehearsal), Trolley Song, I May Be Wrong, Blue Moon, My Heart Stood Still, Let's Fall in Love, Over the Rainbow, You Go to My Head, Crazy Chris, Give a Little Whistle; Oh Lady, Be Good; Tea for Two, This Can't Be Love

with Ron Crotty, Wyatt "Bull" Ruther, Lloyd Davis, Herb Barman, Joe Dodge

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