Dave Brubeck To Hope A Celebration
  • Release Date: 01 Jul 1996
  • Label: TELARC
  • Genre: JAZZ
  • CAT # 80430-25

    1. I. Processional 2:58
    2. II. Lord, Have Mercy 2:19
    3. III. The Desert and the Parched Land 3:21
    4. IV. The Peace of Jerusalem 8:07
    5. V. Alleluia 7:38
    6. VI. Father, All Powerful 2:16
    7. VII. Holy, Holy, Holy 3:39
    8. VIII. While He Was at Supper 3:29
    9. IX. When We Eat This Bread 4:08
    10. X. Through Him, With Him
    11. XI. Great Amen 1:49
    12. XII. Our Father 3:23
    13. XIII. Lamb of God 1:41
    14. XIV. All My Hope 6:33
    15. XV. Gloria 3:19

To many Dave Brubeck is the jazz pianist who led a famous quartet. Yet in the wake of the quartet's fame, many have overlooked Dave Brubeck the classical composer, the creator of what has become a sizable shelf of remarkable choral works. This month Telarc celebrates this side of Brubeck with the release of his Mass, To Hope! A Celebration.

This huge work enlists the forces of a chorus, vocal soloists, an orchestra and Dave's own jazz quartet. This release is a musical powerhouse captured on record in one of America's most stunning structures, The National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

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