Dedicated To The One I Love

The Temprees

Dedicated To The One I Love
  • CAT # SCD-88017-25

    1. Dedicated To The One I Love 3:32
    2. If I Could Say What's On My Mind 4:25
    3. I Love You, You Love Me 4:45
    4. We've Only Just Begun 2:33
    5. Mr. Cool That Ain't Cool 2:53
    6. Your Love (is All I Need) 3:35
    7. Loving You Is So Easy 3:12
    8. I Love, I Love 3:30
    9. The Whole Bit Of Love 3:12
    10. You Make Me Feel So Good 3:15
    11. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight/A Love Song 7:22
    12. I'll Live Her Life 2:48
    13. You're On My Mind 4:26
    14. Ain't Nothin' Like It 3:18
    15. Out Of My Reach 6:07

Inspired by the Mad Lads, Stax/Volt’s top vocal group of the Sixties, the Temprees carried a similar sweetly harmonized neo-doo-wop sound into the Seventies. The Memphis-based trio scored its biggest hit in 1972 with an updating of the Shirelles’ classic “Dedicated to the One I Love” (originally recorded by the “5” Royales), presented on this compact disc in an elongated version of nearly seven stunning minutes. Most of the tracks were made in Memphis, but four were done in Philadelphia with Gamble and Huff’s celebrated rhythm section. And two selections--“You're on My Mind” and “Out of My Reach”--make their first-ever appearance.

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“Seventies neo-doo-wop does not come any better” than the sweet soul sounds of the Temprees, Stax historian Rob Bowman writes in his… More