Do You Have Any Sugar?

Stanley Turrentine

Do You Have Any Sugar
  • CAT # CCD-4862-25

    1. Keep On Keepin' On 5:00
    2. Do You Have Any Sugar? 5:02
    3. Stuff You Gotta Watch 6:15
    4. Far Too Little Love 5:41
    5. Pause To Wonder 4:28
    6. Favorite Heart 5:35
    7. Calling You 5:26
    8. Back In The Day 7:42
    9. 2 Rbs 4:41
    10. Monte Cristo 4:48
    11. Bar Fly 6:12

In his own way, Turrentine invented "Sugar" in the form of one of jazz's few lasting standards from the 70s. But that's a mere granule of his legacy, which continues in smooth honeyed tones on his album, Do You Have Any Sugar?.

The project is a seamless synthesis of traditional grooves in a contemporary context that touches on a variety of styles Turrentine has mastered over the years. The constant thread is his ever-cool, ever-tasteful tenor saxophone sound–as engaging, melodic and subtly swingin' as ever. And staying contemporary has always been an integral part of Turrentine's concept.

The 11-Song Do You Have Any Sugar? is just a few more miles down a path that's been paved in hipness from the gate.

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