Do You See What I See?

The Bar-Kays

Do You See What I See
  • CAT # SCD-88028-25

    1. Do You See What I See? 6:32
    2. God Is Watching 3:53
    3. Be Yourself 3:32
    4. You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me 4:49
    5. You're Still My Brother 3:30
    6. I Was Made To Love Her 4:59
    7. Your Good Thing (Is About To End) 4:39
    8. It Ain't Easy 3:31
    9. Love Pollution 3:28
    10. People, Unite To Save Humanity 4:54
    11. In The Hole 2:34
    12. Copy Kat 2:20
    13. Memphis At Sunrise 3:22
    14. Medley: Son Of Shaft / Feel It 10:59
    15. I Can't Turn You Loose 2:22

As the premier purveyors at Stax/Volt Records of what was then known as "black rock," the Bar-Kays played a key role in the evolution of soul music into funk during the early Seventies. This disc brings together the entirety of the innovative Memphis band's brilliant 1973 Do You See What I See? album with three earlier singles (two from 1968, one from 1972--all instrumentals) and two incendiary live selections from the 1972 Watts Summer Festival. These are the tightly syncopated, ultimately hypnotic party grooves that helped to spawn the full flowering of funk in the mid-Seventies.

Do You See What I See?, God Is Watching, Be Yourself, You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, You're Still My Brother, I Was Made to Love Her, Your Good Thing (Is About to End), It Ain't Easy, Love Pollution; People, Unite to Save Humanity; plus CD bonus tracks In the Hole, Copy Kat, Memphis at Sunrise; Medley (Son of Shaft/Feel It), I Can't Turn You Loose

James Alexander, Charles Allen, Harvey Henderson, Winston Stewart, Vernon Burch, Bobby Manuel, Willie Hall, Larry Dodson, Ben Cauley, Ronnie Gordon, Michael Toles, Roy Cunningham, Jerome McLaughlin, The Memphis Horns

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