Don't Panic

Anne Hills

Dont Panic
  • CAT # 18964-0608-2

    1. Two of a Kind 3:16
    2. Rusty Old Red River 3:59
    3. Hound Dog 4:19
    4. Donna From Mobile 4:07
    5. Rye, New Hampshire 3:05
    6. Last Day of Pompeii 3:08
    7. Don't Explain 3:55
    8. John's Wife 4:57
    9. East Kentucky Mountains 2:49
    10. Johnson 3:28
    11. A Shadow Crossing the Land 3:14
    12. Long Time Travelin' 3:59
    13. The Water is Wide & Wild Geese 5:22
    14. Dear Companion 2:44
    15. Mole in the Ground 2:42
    16. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 2:41
    17. While You Sleep 4:16
    18. Over the Mountain 2:27
    19. Hush Little Baby/Father's Lullabye 3:28
    20. The Panic is On 3:29

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Two albums on one CD, previously issued on the Hogeye label: Don't Explain (1985) and The Panic is On (1981). 'I don't remember the first time I met Anne Hills. It's that way with a lot of my closest pals -- they seem always to have been in my life. I'm sure it was in Chicago, and it must been through Bob Gibson. Anne sang backing vocals on my album, Up and Up. She was unfailingly cheerful and her smile always illuminated any room. We became friends, and Anne began getting up to sing with me whenever I played Chicago. Anne brought out an album with Jan Burda called The Panic is On which further raised her stature in midwest circles. Her singing on 'Long Time Traveling' from that album is the best. Indeed, the whole album is a gem and showed truly exciting promise. Listen now to a promise fulfilled. Listen now to Anne Hills, my friend. Indeed, one of my best friends.' --Tom Paxton

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