Double Blues

Lightnin' Hopkins

Double Blues
  • CAT # FCD-24702-25

    1. Let's Go Sit On The Lawn 4:10
    2. I'm Taking A Devil Of A Chance 3:50
    3. I Got Tired 4:30
    4. I Asked The Bossman 6:40
    5. Just A Wristwatch On My Arm 3:30
    6. I Woke Up This Morning 5:50
    7. I Was Standing On 75 Highway 5:10
    8. I'm Going To Build Me A Heaven Of My Own 5:40
    9. My Babe 5:38
    10. Too Many Drivers 3:30
    11. I'm A Crawling Black Snake 4:50
    12. Rocky Mountain Blues 3:50
    13. I Mean Goodbye 3:00
    14. The Howling Wolf 3:50
    15. Black Ghost Blues 3:30
    16. Darling, Do You Remember Me? 3:40
    17. Lonesome Graveyard 5:30

with Leonard Gaskin, Herbie Lovelle

Recorded May 4-5, 1964.

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