Sergio Mendes

  • CAT # CCD-30278-25

    1. The Look of Love 3:59
    2. Funky Bahia 3:58
    3. Waters of March 3:58
    4. Odo-Ya 3:50
    5. Somewhere in the Hills (O Morro Nao Tem Vez) 4:00
    6. Lugar Comum 4:16
    7. Dreamer 4:43
    8. Morning in Rio 4:19
    9. Y Vamos Ya (…Let's Go) 4:18
    10. Catavento (Catavento e Girassol) 3:50
    11. Acode 4:27
    12. Agua de Beber 4:02

With Encanto, his follow-up to the highly acclaimed Timeless, the man who has become virtually synonymous with Brazilian music takes us even deeper into Brazil with all the basic tracks recorded in Rio and Bahia featuring an incredible Brazilian percussion section. Sergio also gives Encanto a more global focus, bringing in international guest stars such as Latin superstar Juanes from Colombia, multi-talented Carlinhos Brown and Vanessa da Mata from Brazil, the foremost Japanese pop group, Dreams Come True, Belgium’s Zap Mama and Italian rapper Jovanotti, as well as American stars like Fergie, Natalie Cole, Herb Alpert and his wife, original Brasil ’66 singer, Lani Hall.

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