Erin's Harp

Melissa Morgan

Erins Harp MP3
  • CAT # KMCD-3903-25

    1. The Little Beggarman 2:21
    2. George Brabazon 2:09
    3. The Foggy Dew 2:03
    4. Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife 2:15
    5. Lady Athenry 1:20
    6. John Irwin 2:40
    7. O'Carolan's Air 2:05
    8. Morrison's Jig / Road To Lisdoonvarna 2:39
    9. The Rolling Wave / The Flowers Of Edinburgh 1:40
    10. Eleanor Plunkett / William Plunkett 2:45
    11. At Early Dawn 1:55
    12. Carolan's Receipt 1:27
    13. Beauty In Tears / Frieze Britches 4:45
    14. O'Carolan's Concerto 2:45
    15. Southwind / The Rolling Wave 3:14

The trend-setting 1982 release was perhaps the first album of an American playing Irish music on the harp. “Erin’s Harp” was a huge success with fans and critics in the small but fanatical world of harp music and opened the door for similar records. Melissa Morgan, using various types of harps, has the good sense to concentrate on the music of Turlough O’Carolan on this record. More importantly, she has the technical ability and musical soul to really get across the famous blind harper’s exquisite melodies.

with Jonathan Parker, Neal Hellman

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