Everyday I Have The Blues
  • CAT # OJCCD-634-25

    1. Stormy Monday 4:34
    2. Piney Brown (K.C.) 7:40
    3. Martin Luther King Southside 9:07
    4. Every Day I Have The Blues 5:32
    5. Shake, Rattle And Roll 4:52
    6. Lucille 11:31

Big Joe Turner, too heavy to stand for long, sat impassively in a chair in front of the band and filled the room with his presence, his magisterial baritone, and the passion of the blues. The band might have been Count Basie’s in the ballroom of a great hotel or a pickup group in a crummy bar. It didn’t matter; Big Joe gave any evening full voice and the accumulated wisdom of a life at the center of the blues. In this 1975 recording, Turner applies his incomparable blues story-telling skills to five classics and his new “Martin Luther King Southside.” The band includes one of Turner’s favorite sidekicks, guitarist Pee Wee Crayton. And there are solos by a saxophone giant, Sonny Stitt.

with Pee Wee Crayton, Sonny Stitt, J. D. Nicholson, Charles Norris, Washington Rucker

Recorded March 3, 1975.

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