Exploring The Scene

The Poll Winners

Exploring The Scene
  • CAT # OJCCD-969-25

    1. Little Susie 3:53
    2. The Duke 4:52
    3. So What 4:24
    4. Misty (instrumental) 4:15
    5. Doodlin' 3:30
    6. The Golden Striker 3:17
    7. Lil' Darlin' 4:32
    8. The Blessing 4:45
    9. This Here (aka Dis Hyunh) 4:29

For many years, it was the habit of Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne, and Ray Brown to blow away all comers in polls conducted by jazz magazines. Since the three artists were closely associated with Contemporary Records, it seemed natural to assemble them in a studio to demonstrate what excited the admiration of critics and readers alike. The resulting albums were so successful that they created a popularity feedback loop and helped to perpetuate the winning ways of Kessel, Manne, and Brown. In his 1960 session, the victors played compositions of other jazz winners. Interpreting works of Dave Brubeck, Ray Bryant, Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, Erroll Garner, Neal Hefti, John Lewis, Horace Silver, and Bobby Timmons, the Poll Winners once again combined hard work, talent, compatibility, and fun that led to awards for them and rewards for listeners.

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