The Banjo Kings

Favorites FCD 60 012
  • CAT # FCD-60-012-25

    1. The Man On The Flying Trapeze 2:49
    2. Bird In A Gilded Cage 3:04
    3. After The Ball 3:16
    4. Shine On Harvest Moon 3:19
    5. Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair 3:01
    6. Annie Rooney 2:50
    7. Daisy Bell 2:53
    8. Sweet Genevieve 2:49
    9. In My Merry Oldsmobile 2:56
    10. Silver Threads Among The Gold 3:18
    11. Bill Bailey 2:21
    12. Hot Time In The Old Town 2:37
    13. The Columbus Stockade Blues 2:28
    14. Steel Guitar Rag 2:39
    15. You Are My Sunshine 11:51
    16. San Antonio Rose 2:33
    17. Westward Ho! 2:39
    18. Home On The Range 3:30
    19. The West, A Nest And You 2:48
    20. Don't Fence Me In 2:44
    21. Panhandle Rag 3:09

The Man on the Flying Trapeze, Bird in a Gilded Cage, After the Ball, Shine on Harvest Moon, Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Annie Rooney, Daisy Bell, Sweet Genevieve, In My Merry Oldsmobile, Silver Threads Among the Gold, Bill Bailey, A Hot Time in the Old Town, The Columbus Stockade Blues, Steel Guitar Rag, You Are My Sunshine, San Antonio Rose, Westward Ho!, Home on the Range; The West, A Nest and You; Don't Fence Me In, Panhandle Rag

Dick Roberts, Red Roundtree with Joe Heimlich, Ernie Anderson, Vito Mumolo

Recorded between 1954 and 1958.

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The banjo was once part of the rhythm section family during jazz's infancy and developmental phase (Armstrong's, Ellington's, and Jelly Roll… More