Festival Favorites Revisited

Alan Munde

Festival Favorites Revisited
  • CAT # 11661-0311-2

    1. Hot Burrito Breakdown 2:10
    2. Molly Bloom 3:11
    3. Clinch Mountain Backstep 2:30
    4. Doug's Tune 2:01
    5. Shenandoah Valley Breakdown 2:16
    6. Santa Claus 2:19
    7. Buffalo Gals 1:57
    8. Liberty 1:06
    9. John Hardy 3:09
    10. Salt Creek 2:40
    11. Sally Goodin' 2:48
    12. The Girl I Left Behind 2:26
    13. Bill Cheatem 2:30
    14. Cripple Creek 2:46
    15. Devil's Dream 2:33
    16. Little Rock Getaway 2:43
    17. Dusty Miller 3:49
    18. No Title Yet Blues 3:37
    19. Earl's Breakdown 3:00
    20. Billy Boy 2:15

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Alan Munde is one of the finest players ever to pick up the five-string banjo. Drawn from a series of recordings released on the Ridge Runner label in the early '80s and featuring Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Roland White and others, this compilation contains an incredible display of banjo musicianship. From his early days with Jimmy Martin through his on going tenure with Country Gazette, Alan has continually expanded the breadth of his vision.' --from the liner notes by Tony Trischka

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Click here to purchase this album on Amazon.comSince the 1970s, Alan Munde has been renowned for mating the hard drive of classic… More