Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales: 1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh

Alan Lomax Collection

Folk Songs of England Ireland Scotland and Wales 1
  • CAT # 11661-1786-2

    1. The Hairst O Rettie 3:04
    2. Skippin Barfit Through The Heather - Jessie Murray 2:43
    3. The Tay Bridge Disaster - Hamish Henderson
    4. The Gallant Forty Twa - Jimmy MacBeath 1:22
    5. Blue Bonnets Over The Border - John Burgess 2:13
    6. Great My Joy - Hamish Henderson
    7. Oran Eile Don Phrionnsa - Calum Johnston 2:22
    8. Mo run geal og (My fair young love) - Flora MacNeil 4:01
    9. Failte Rudha Bhatairnis - John Burgess 2:39
    10. The Bonny Lass O Fyvie - John Strachan
    11. Mormond Braes - John Strachan 4:10
    12. Not Just Elderly People - Hamish Henderson
    13. I'm A Young Bonny Lassie - Blanche Wood 1:52
    14. The Ale Hoose - Jessie Murray 1:40
    15. The Big Stuff - Hamish Henderson 1:15
    16. Barbara Allen - Jessie Murray 2:21
    17. Johnnie O Braidislie 1:41
    18. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen - Jessie Murray 2:53
    19. Tea and Cakes - Hamish Henderson
    20. Too Good To Stop At Ten O'clock - Hamish Henderson 1:37
    21. Donald MacLean/The Irish Washerwoman - John Burgess 2:18
    22. Erin Go Bragh - John Strachan 2:44
    23. Portnockie Road - Blanche Wood 1:17
    24. The Reid Road - Blanche Wood 1:13
    25. The Moss O Burreldale 4:03
    26. Co Siod Thall Air Sraid Na H-Eala? - Flora MacNeil 2:54
    27. Mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach - Flora MacNeil 2:44
    28. Fuirich An Diugh Gus Am Maireach - Calum Johnston 1:58
    29. I Don't Think We Should Sing Any More - John Strachan, with Hamish Henderson
    30. Jimmy Raeburn - Jessie Murray 2:48
    31. A Great Song At That - Hamish Henderson 1:03
    32. Oran Do Mhacleoid Dhunbheagain - Calum Johnston 3:13
    33. Hamish Once Wrote A Song - Mrs. Budge
    34. The John MacLean March - Mrs. Budge & Hamish Henderson 2:11
    35. Scots, Wha Hae - Hamish Henderson 2:02

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1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh

The Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh was an event that heralded, generated, and vitalized the Scottish Folk Revival of the 1960s. It featured some of the leading lights of the traditional music scene, with the legendary poet, songwriter, and folklorist Hamish Henderson as master of ceremonies. In August 1951, Alan Lomax was luckily on hand to document this lively, rollicking, and moving concert.

Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

The jovial, sensual, wicked, romantic lands of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Fielding, Burns, Keats, and Synge sing to us in these classic field recordings made from 1939 to 1968. Here are ballads, love songs, sea shanties, work songs, dance tunes, children's songs, and airs from the fighting borderlands that sent so many settlers to the backwoods American South. Collected all over the British Isles, this series includes performances by Jumbo Brightwell, Isla Cameron, Bob and Ron Copper, Harry Cox, Elizabeth Cronin, A. L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Thomas Moran, Jeannie Robertson, John Strachan, Phil Tanner, and Belle Stewart, and glimpses of the Symondsbury Mummer's Play and the Padstow May Day.

The Alan Lomax Collection

The Alan Lomax Collection is an assemblage of international field recordings that anthologizes the work of folklorist Alan Lomax.

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