Karrin Allyson

  • CAT # CCD-2291-25

    1. Something Worth Waiting For (Con Alma) 3:29
    2. All You Need to Say (Never Say Yes) 4:19
    3. Lightning (Lazy Bird) 2:56
    4. A Long Way to Go (Equinox) 4:37
    5. Strollin’ 4:40
    6. I Found the Turnaround (The Turnaround) 3:59
    7. Follow the Footprints (Footprints) 4:03
    8. Life Is a Groove (Jordu) 4:12
    9. A Tree and Me 3:08
    10. I Can’t Say (Teaneck) 3:42
    11. But I Was Cool 4:05
    12. Give Me a Break (Unit 7) 3:45
    13. Everybody’s Boppin’ 3:31

Singer Karrin Allyson has never been satisfied merely to repeat herself. With Footprints, her tenth Concord Jazz CD, she fulfills the dream of recording with two of her vocal heroes—Jon Hendricks and Nancy King—while illustrating that she too is undeniably one of today’s most distinctive and masterful jazz vocal stylists. The album also introduces Chris Caswell, whose literate, inventive new lyrics bring fresh perspectives to several of the modern jazz perennials featured herein. With a spirit that is, by turns, ebullient and affecting, Footprints shows Karrin Allyson to be a pacesetter among contemporary jazz singers.

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