Four Trombones: The Debut Recordings

J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Bennie Green & Willie Dennis

Four Trombones The Debut Recordings
  • CAT # PRCD-24097-25

    1. Wee Dot (Blues For Some Bones) 14:25
    2. Stardust 5:01
    3. Move 6:56
    4. I'll Remember April 11:11
    5. Now's The Time 14:27
    6. Trombosphere 3:27
    7. Ow! 15:17
    8. Chazzanova 4:57

J.J. Johnson, along with Bennie Green, was a founding father of bop trombone; Willie Dennis's promising career was cut short by an early death; "Jay and Kai" had successfully collaborated on several projects in the Fifties.
But the unique and legendary meeting of these trombone giants, which first appeared on the Debut label and is reissued here, was unprecedented in jazz.
Almost as remarkable is the rhythm section on this CD, with John Lewis making a rare appearance outside the Modern Jazz Quartet.

with John Lewis, Charles Mingus, Arthur Taylor

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