From The 70's

Bill Evans

From The 70s
  • CAT # OJCCD-1069-2

    1. Gone With The Wind 6:24
    2. Hi-lili, Hi-lo 7:16
    3. The Nature Of Things 3:25
    4. Show-type Tune 4:21
    5. Are You All The Things 5:00
    6. Up With The Lark 6:36
    7. Quiet Now 4:51
    8. Gloria's Step 6:05
    9. Elsa 7:28

This collection of pieces from Bill Evans's prolific output of the 1970s contains five previously unreleased versions of studio duets with bassist Eddie Gomez. It also has four live trio recordings. Other takes of the duets with Gomez appear on CD, but Evans channeled his enormous discipline, will, concentration, and creative imagination so that in each take his improvisation was a fresh encounter with the song. As one example of Evans's different approaches to the same piece, in the originally issued take of "Gone with the Wind" he toys in his improvisation with an electric piano. Here, he stays with the Steinway. What his solo loses in sonic variety, it gains in coherence and intensity. On the other hand (literally), he uses the electric keyboard to great effect in "The Nature of Things" and "Show-Type Tune." He had long wanted to record a duo album with Gomez, in many ways the bassist whostimulated him more than any other than Scott LaFaro, who was Gomez's role model.

with Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell

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