Full Time Love

Ann Peebles

Full Time Love
  • CAT # 11661-9515-2

    1. Bouncin' Back 3:56
    2. St. Louis Woman (With A Memphis Melody) 4:35
    3. Read Me My Rights 4:12
    4. Full Time Lover 4:29
    5. Fear No Evil 3:40
    6. Nobody But You 3:52
    7. Ain't No Business Like Your Business 4:39
    8. I Miss You 4:45
    9. Just You Just Me 4:50
    10. He's My Superman 4:30
    11. I Can't Stand The Rain 5:44

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It has been a long twenty years between recordings for Ann ì Peebles, whose '70s soul albums were among the highlights of that ì era--she was one of the mainstays of the Hi record label, and her ì 1974 song 'I Can't Stand the Rain' was a smash hit heard 'round ì the world. She returns to action with 'Full Time Love,' recorded ì in Memphis with the legendary Hi Rhythm Section and the Memphis ì Horns: a mature vocalist at the peak of her powers. With a ì voice as silky as it can be gritty, Peebles today keeps a sense ì of her past while establishing a new direction for herself.

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