The Scobey Story, Vol. 1

Bob Scobey's Frisco Band

The Scobey Story Vol 1
  • CAT # GTJCD-12032-25

    1. Pretty Baby 2:50
    2. St. Louis Blues 2:49
    3. Coney Island Washboard 2:52
    4. Some Of These Days 2:55
    5. Beale Street Mama 3:01
    6. Dippermouth Blues 2:20
    7. South 2:52
    8. Sailing Down Chesapeake Bay 3:07
    9. Wolverine Blues 2:29
    10. Chicago 3:09
    11. Melancholy 3:06
    12. That's A Plenty 3:05

with Burt Bales, Jack Buck, Gordon Edwards, Squire Girsback, Clancy Hayes, Fred Higuera, Darnell Howard, Dick Lammi, Albert Nicholas, George Probert, Wally Rose

Recorded 1950 and 1951.

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with Pud Brown, Jack Buck, Doug Skinner, Stan Wrightsman, Bob Short, Dave Black

Recorded 1957.



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