Gaining Wisdom

Donna Hughes

Gaining Wisdom
  • CAT # 11661-0554-2

    1. One More Time 3:59
    2. What I'm Looking For 3:00
    3. Father Time 2:49
    4. Time After Time 3:38
    5. Scattered To The Wind 3:16
    6. Not Anymore 3:00
    7. Sad Old Train 2:32
    8. Find Me Out On A Mountain Top 2:11
    9. Bottom Of A Glass 2:59
    10. Letters 3:13
    11. Too Many 2:26
    12. Hold On 3:43
    13. Where Are You Darlin'? 3:07
    14. Talking To The Wind 3:31

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As the title Gaining Wisdom suggests, Donna Hughes has a rare gift for transforming her experiences into riveting, revealing songs that are both uniquely personal and universally accessible. Until now Hughes was best known as an eminent songwriter, her songs having been recorded by such artists as Alison Krauss and The Seldom Scene. Gaining Wisdom finds Hughes to be an exceedingly compelling performer in her own right, delivering her compositions in a soulful, expressive voice with the support of a remarkable cast of musicians and vocalists. Though rooted in classic bluegrass, Hughes is unafraid to branch out, seeking a wide range of acoustic sounds and styles to complement her moving, thoughtful compositions.

Produced by Tony Rice, and featuring Alison Krauss, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sam Bush, Rhonda Vincent, Alecia Nugent, Carl Jackson, Tim Stafford, Sonya Isaacs, and many more.

'In whatever musical context she chooses, Donna has the potential to go as far as she wants. I truly believe this album is going to amaze everybody.'-Tony Rice

'Donna is a great writer and singer, an original voice crying in the wilderness for the 21st century. We need a hundred more like her.'-Tim Stafford, Blue Highway

'One of the best new singer-songwriters in the world of bluegrass...'-Carl Jackson

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