Great Big DVD & CD

Great Big Sea

Great Big DVD CD
  • CAT # 01143-1059-2

    1. Donkey Riding 2:22
    2. When I'm Up 4:18
    3. Sea of No Cares 3:35
    4. Boston and St. John's 4:49
    5. The Night Pat Murphy Died 3:35
    6. Stumbling In 3:06
    7. Jack Hinks 5:31
    8. Goin Up 4:05
    9. General Taylor 4:10
    10. Lukey 3:52
    11. Clearest Indication 4:03
    12. I'm a Rover 3:32
    13. Everything Shines 3:02
    14. Mari-Mac 3:44
    15. Consequence Free 3:11
    16. Ordinary Day 4:09
    17. End of the World 3:16
    18. Excursion Around the Bay 2:20
    19. Fortune Set 2:52
    20. The Old Black Rum 5:17

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Specially priced 2-disc set! Having sold millions of albums in their native Canada, Great Big Sea is now one of that country's most popular exports. Their first-ever concert video, Great Big DVD & CD, features a 20-song DVD, with favorites such as 'When I'm Up,' 'Consequence Free,' and 'Everything Shines,' plus 13 music videos, 3 karaoke videos, an exclusive tour documentary and home movies, all in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound. This specially priced package also includes a separate bonus audio CD of the entire live concert. 'Great Big Sea has been more successful than any other contemporary North American band in bringing Anglo-Celtic folk sounds into rock clubs.' - Dirty Linen

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Click here to purchase this album on Amazon.comIncludes bonus DVD - an exclusive concert and conversation with the band! 'The Hard and… More