Greatest Hits

Little Johnny Taylor

Greatest Hits FCD 4510
  • CAT # FCD-4510

    1. Part Time Love 3:48
    2. I Smell Trouble 2:40
    3. Zig Zag Lightning 2:20
    4. You'll Need Another Favor 2:41
    5. Double Or Nothing 3:21
    6. Big Blue Diamonds 2:43
    7. Somebody's Got To Pay 3:02
    8. Darling, Believe In Me 2:01
    9. If You Love Me (Like You Say) 2:31
    10. I Know You Hear Me Calling 2:56
    11. Sometimey Woman 2:11
    12. You Win, I Lose 2:33
    13. My Heart Is Filled With Pain 2:27
    14. First Class Love 3:42
    15. Since I Found A New Love 3:53
    16. Somewhere Down The Line 2:17
    17. One More Chance 2:42

In an era when blues were rapidly passing from popular fashion, Little Johnny Taylor offered a refreshingly modern, deeply soulful approach to the genre that kept him on the r&b charts from the early Sixties to the mid-Seventies. "Part Time Love," an intense slow blues on which the vocalist draws heavily on his background in gospel quartet music, skyrocketed to the top of the chart in 1963 and stands as the biggest selling blues single of that decade. This collection compiles that and 16 other impassioned Taylor performances from 1963 through '68, many produced by Cliff Goldsmith and all featuring the jazz-imbued arrangements of Ray Shanklin. The stinging guitar of Arthur Wright is featured on many selections, while "Somewhere Down the Line" puts a spotlight on the searing harmonica of George Smith.

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