Greatest Hits Live

The Dramatics

Greatest Hits Live
  • CAT # SCD-7502-25

    1. Dramatic Theme 1:29
    2. Treat Me Like A Man 2:11
    3. Just Shopping (not Buying Anything) 2:52
    4. Hey You! Get Off My Mountain 3:28
    5. In The Rain 3:24
    6. Fell For You 3:15
    7. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get 3:32
    8. I Can't Get Over You 2:14
    9. Beware Of The Man(With The Candy In His Hand)/The Devil Is Dope
    10. Shake It Well 2:30
    11. I Cried All The Way Home / Ocean Of Thoughts… / My Ship Won't Sail… / (I'm Going By)…/ And I Panicke 10:28
    12. Thank You For Your Love 4:25
    13. Fall In Love Lady Love 3:34
    14. Doggy Dog World 3:20
    15. Me And Mrs. Jones 4:50
    16. You're Fooling You 1:32
    17. Door To Your Heart 2:00
    18. Be My Girl 2:14
    19. Be My Girl segue (mis-labeled as Stand Up Clap Your Hands) 7:04
    20. Get Up And Get Down 3:10

Recorded at the Palace Theater, New Haven, CT; June 8, 2001.

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