Groove Yard
  • CAT # OJCCD-139-25

    1. Bock To Bock (Back To Back) 5:35
    2. Groove Yard 3:07
    3. If I Should Lose You 5:52
    4. Delirium 6:42
    5. Just For Now 4:55
    6. Doujie 4:34
    7. Heart Strings 4:34
    8. Remember 5:30

As youngsters back in Indianapolis, the three Montgomerys learned to play together. Monk and Buddy, the oldest and youngest, left home first to gain 1950s fame as the core of "The Mastersounds"; a few years later, when Wes was beginning to set the jazz world on its ear, they were again able to work as a unit. It was not a very successful venture, commercially speaking, but their few recordings give off a most noticeable sense of the pride and pleasure these brothers felt in being reunited. [A collaboration between George Shearing and the Montgomery Brothers can be heard on OJCCD-040-2.]

Wes Montgomery, Buddy Montgomery, Monk Montgomery, with Bobby Thomas

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