Guitar Music

Tom Ball

Guitar Music
  • CAT # KMCD-3906-25

    1. Estudio Sin Luz (Excerpt) 2:07
    2. Variation On A Forlorn Hope Fancy 2:27
    3. Sweet Papa Lowdown 1:33
    4. Fantasia #30 2:05
    5. Joseph Spence Medley: Unknown Title / There'll Be A Happy Meeting
    6. Cane Break Blues 1:49
    7. Heigh Ho Holiday 1:23
    8. Variation On A Barrios Prelude 1:23
    9. Morley's Pavan 2:24
    10. Mirabella 2:18
    11. Volt #6 1:40
    12. Old Time Medley: Grandfather's Clock / Auld Lang Syne / Old Kentucky Home
    13. Sarabande (From Bach's Lute Suite # 1 in E Minor) 4:25
    14. Needed Time 1:46
    15. Lejania (Distance) 2:30

From its birth in the early Seventies until the end of the decade, Kicking Mule Records was known for eclectic, pretzel-fingered guitar virtuosity. In other words, it was noted for records like this excellent effort by Tom Ball. Renaissance music played on steel strings, flawlessly executed Blind Blake rags, Fahey-esque variations on classical themes, the subtle syncopations of Joseph Spence, the crisp alternating bass of Merle Travis--it's all here on this treat for guitar fans.

Estudio Sin Luz (excerpt), Variation on Forlorn Hope Fancy, Sweet Papa Lowdown, Fantasia #30, Joseph Spence Medley: (Unknown Title/There'll Be a Happy Meeting), Cane Break Blues, Heigh Ho Holiday, Variation on a Barrios Prelude, Morley's Pavan, Mirabella, Volt #6, Old Time Medley: (Grandfather's Clock/Auld Lang Syne/Old Kentucky Home), Sarabande, Needed Time, Lejania (Distance)

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